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時 間:2019年3月6日(周三)15:00-16:30

地 點:思源樓326室


題 目:Abuse of Market Dominance Under China’s Anti-Monopoly Law: The Case of Tetra Pak


摘 要:

On November 16, 2016, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (“SAIC”) issued a written decision of administrative penalty based on its investigation against Tetra Pak, a multinational company supplying liquid food processing and packaging products. This is the first major case investigated by the SAIC under the provisions of abuse of dominant market positions in the Anti-Monopoly Law. A key issue in this case involves the impact of loyalty rebate programs used by a dominant firm. We provide an overview of the case, highlight the main points of the decision, and focus on the assessment of loyalty rebates. As the first antitrust ruling in China involving loyalty discounts, we expect that the decision will serve as an important reference in antitrust enforcement in China.