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時 間:2019年3月18日(周一)10:00-11:30

地 點:史帶樓302室

主 持人:徐笑君  副 教授

主 題:How to Achieve Seamless Changes in Organizations: Inception and the Veil of Agency

主講嘉賓:Xiao-Ping Chen

     Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs

     Philip M. Condit Endowed Chair Professor of Business Administration, Foster School of Business, University of Washington

     Editor, Management Insights


With rapid technology advancement and deepening globalization, individuals and organizations must keep changing themselves to succeed.  Resistance to change, however, has been found to be innate in human nature. The purpose of this paper is to introduce formally a new construct called ‘inception,’ which can facilitate organizational change while minimizing resistance to that change. Inception is defined as the active yet covert manipulation of environmental or communicative cues so that the target believes that her idea, change of heart, provision of consent, accumulation of new knowledge or enacted action is the product solely of her own agency rather than as a result of the change agent’s agency. To help the reader understand the process through which inception takes place, our paper details the conditions under which an inception attempt is likely made and the potential consequences of inception for the agent seeking change, for the target of the inception attempt, and for the organization itself. We suggest that inception is meso-theoretic in nature, and should be studied from multiple levels.